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Photo Rejuvenation

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Photo Rejuvenation

What is Photo Rejuvenation

I.P.L. Permanent Hair Reduction
I.P.L. Photo Rejuvenation 

Our Business Philosophy for I.P.L

  • We aim to offer the most up to date, honest information about your IPL treatments
  • All clients receive ‘free’ of charge: a 30 minute consultation with patch test before any treatments begin
  • Our Therapists have undergone accredited IPL training with extensive training in Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation
  • Before and After photo’s taken (all clients)
  • Minimal treatments for long lasting results
  • *Free consultation and skin analysis.
  • Pulsed Light Hair Removal
    Pulses of concentrated light are directed onto the skin and absorbed by the hair follicles. Pulsed light systems are similar to lasers, but with a larger, smooth beam, and a long pulse for safe, fast, and comfortable treatment

Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation lighthair.gif

How do I choose? What should I look for when selecting the right machine for my treatment?

There are 3 questions that need to be asked:

Does your IPL have Client Contact Cooling?
This means that when the handpiece is in contact with the skin it will feel very cool as it extracts the treatment heat through the sapphire lens. This is essential, not only for comfortable treatments, but also to protect the skin from burns. You will never go back to painful lasers, cold air blowers, ice, gel or basic IPL’s again once you have experience this type of patient cooling.

Does your IPL have Wide Smooth Pulse Technology?
Wide smooth pulse technology allows higher treatment power, delivered safely and comfortably. Single smooth pulse widths (up to 500 milliseconds) protects the skin and allow more effective treatments (particularly on darker skin types). Higher power input means less hair regrowth and less time required for each treatment.

Does your IPL have a Large Coverage?
Large treatment heads (provided they can deliver reasonable power above 20 joules/sqcm) will perform the treatment effectively and efficiently (7.4sq cm heads, as opposed to a 2sq cm head, take a quarter of the time to treat a mans back). 1 sq cm lasers have even less coverage. So why spend longer undergoing treatments when that time could be spent on other opportunities.

After much research, it was these questions that led to Decadent Beauty finding an IPL machine to meet your needs that can answer yes to all 3 questions.

Permanent Hair Reduction and Removal
Permanently Reduces unwanted hair
Brazilians, legs, underarms
Lip, chin, men’s back, chest and shoulders
Client Contact Cooling (No pain)

                   BEFORE                                  AFTER

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What Body Areas Can I Get Treated?
Any area, except around the eyes. The underarms, legs, back, bikini line, face, neck, etc.. can all be!

What is the difference between laser and pulsed-light treatments?
Pulsed-light systems and lasers are very similar and treat lesions in basically the same way.

However, the Palomar Pulsed Light Systems use a new technology that removes hair up to ten times faster than lasers. As a result, pulsed light treatments can fit even the busiest persons’ schedule.

What are the treatment sessions like?
Quick and easy! After your initial preparation, your treatment provider will move a wand-like handpiece over your skin. The handpiece emits a light that disables the hair follicles. Most people perceive the light as a gentle “snapping” sensation. Once this is completed, the treatment provider will wipe away any loose hair from your skin, and you’re ready to go.

What do I need to do before my treatment?
Tanning should be avoided 2 weeks prior to treatment. In addition, do not wax 6 weeks prior to your first treatment or consultation so that your therapist can assess the hair thickness and colour. Also avoid tweezing, or bleaching these areas several weeks before any IPL treatment.

How far apart should treatments be given?
As IPL is only effective on actively growing hair follicles, treatments should be spaced apart so that the hair follicles in the area have time to begin growing again. If the treatment is given too soon, t
hat particular treatment session will not be as effective. The answer is dependent upon several factors, however, for most cases, we suggest about 4-6 weeks between treatments.

What do I need to do after my treatment?
Most people experience some mild sunburn-like sensation to the treated area shortly after treatment. This does not interfere with normal activities and usually subsides within a day. In some cases, the redness may last longer, but will still be mild and temporary.

Apply an SPF-30 or greater sunscreen on any treated areas exposed to the sun, and sun exposure should be minimized two weeks before and two weeks after IPL hair removal treatments (this includes tanning beds in a solarium, spray tanning and outdoors, even in winter)

Appearance of hair growth or stubble will continue for 7-30 days post-treatment. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expelled from the skin.

A Decadent Beauty therapist will explain in detail about after treatment care and other less likely side effects to you during the initial consultation.

Why come to Decadent Beauty?
Our IPL machine has client cooling. The hand piece in contact with the skin will feel very cool as it extracts the treatment heat through the sapphire lens. This is essential, not only for comfort, but also for safety by protecting the skin from burns. You will never go back to painful lasers, cold air blowers, ice, gel or basic IPL treatments again once you have experienced our client contact cooling.

Our IPL machines uses Wide Smooth Pulse Technology which allows higher treatment power to be delivered safely and comfortably. Higher treatment power means more effective and faster treatments. Smooth pulse widths (up to 500 milliseconds) is safer on the skin and more effective, particularly for darker skin types.

Our therapists have undergone accredited IPL training with extensive training in Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. They have performed hundreds of treatments over the past years, all with incredible results.

Safety and care is paramount. This is why we provide a free 30 minute comprehensive consultation with patch test to assess your skins suitability for IPL before any treatment begins. It is important that the treatment is personalised to the uniqueness of individuals. The treatment process and expected outcomes are fully explained to assist you in making an informative decision before undergoing IPL treatment programs.

Photo Rejuvenation

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