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Environ Treatment

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Environ Treatments

Advanced vitamin skin therapy

Established by world renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes, offers the most luxurious and effective treatments available, enabling surpassed penetration of essential antioxidants and vitamins, helping to speed up the restoration of skin cells, resulting in a more youthful complexion, with smoother texture and a radiant healthy glow. 



Environ Vitamin A & Antioxidant Infusion

Environ Vitamin A & Antioxidant Infusion

For all skin types using potent serums containing Vitamin A & antioxidants to condition, strengthen and revitalize the skin – leaving it feel smooth, fresh and glowing

Environ Intense Retinol Treatment

Environ Intense Retinol Treatment

This intense infusion of Vitamin A, using low frequency sound and a pulsed current to maximise the penetration into the deeper layers of the skin treating and preventing fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, scarring and pigmentation.

Medical Cosmetic Needling

A beautiful skin for a lifetime!

Cosmetic Needling is a painless, cost effective treatment that dramatically improves the overall look and feel of the skin

Collagen induction therapy, the best way to:

- Soften fine lines and wrinkles

- Tighten skin

- Reduce scarring and stretchmarks

- Induce the production of the natural collagen and growth factors

- Lighten pigmentation

-Reduce broken capillaries 

Skin needling results achieved are brought about by the skin's natural repair response.



Environ Restorative & Calming Facial Treatment

Environ Restorative & Calming Facial Treatment

An infusion to firm, strengthen and plump the skin by promoting the formation of healthy collagen andelastin. Ideal for fine lines, superficial wrinkles, fragile, inflamed or sensitive skin. 

Problem Skin Cool Peel

Cream Peel

This particular cool peel exfoliation greatly assists with the management of blemish prone skin by addressing congestion

Age Control Cool Peel


This gentle cool peel assists with reducing the appearance of premature ageing, fine lines and uneven skin tone. A true lift-me-up skin treatment

60 minutes mild peel
90 minutes advanced peel



Environ Mini Peel


Environ mini peel is designed to gently buff the skin surface and focuses on revitalising dull, tired looking skin.